NEW: Short and Extended Crank Heights


Building on our ErgoSquared Crank End Base, we’ve decided to roll out two new sizes of the same great product. In addition to standard height, short and extended versions have been added to our catalog. We believe each size has its benefits in taking the versatility of your clients’ spaces to the next level.


ErgoSquared Crank End Base – Short (CK) has an adjustable height range from 19 ¾” to 30 ½” which smoothly transitions from the shortest setting to standard height range. Due to being lower to the ground, this is a great option for spaces utilized by children – such as classroom and libraries.


ErgoSquared Crank End Base – Standard (CS) has an adjustable height range from 23 ¼” to 37” which is a perfect middle ground for a variety of needs. With its lower starting height and the ability to crank to a top end range – the standard height is perfect middle ground for mixed age groups.


ErgoSquared Crank End Base – Extended (CX) has an adjustable height range from 26” to 43 ¾” which is the traditional desk height used in offices, schools, and hospitals. With this option, you can easily transition from a seated to a standing workspace or bar height, allowing for more ergonomic workstations and more versatility in a table function.


All three height options come with cantilever & caster options, allowing for even more versatility. Casters will increase the overall height.


In addition to our ErgoSquared Cranks, we’ve added a short crank option to our Nesting Dual Leg Hand Cranks. The short version has an adjustable height range of 20 ½” to 31 ½” while the standard crank range is 24” to 38”.  This product can be found in both the ErgoSquared and Nester product series.


Based on the function(s) your customers need, you should have no problem finding the height option you’re looking for within our product catalog. If you still have questions or want further confirmation, contact your customer service representative.