All prices quoted are list prices, FOB our factory. Contact your customer service representative for discount pricing. All prices quoted include packaging, not shipping. All documentation and literature is based upon current information available at the time of publication of this booklet. We reserve the right to make price changes, product improvements, design enhancements and finish availability changes at any time without prior notice. Custom quotes may include net pricing or more conditions.

Order acknowledgments

Orders will be acknowledged in writing within five (5) working days of receipt of purchase order. No orders shall be deemed binding upon Valley Design until confirmation by acknowledgment which represents our interpretation of your order, as well as current product pricing and scheduled ship date.

Discrepancies, misunderstandings or disagreements must be reported to your customer service representative within five (5) working days of your receipt of your order acknowledgments. Failure to do so may cause your to incur order change charges. See cancellation & order changes.

Cancellation and Order Changes

Cancellations and order changes made after five (5) working days of receipt of the order acknowledgment must have written authorization from our factory. Restocking of standard bases ready for shipment will be 30% of order or $50 whichever is greater. All special orders will be prorated by the amount of manufacturing time involved from the date of acknowledgment to the date of cancellation or change.


Customers with an open account have standard payment terms of thirty (30) days net after date of invoice. An open account must be established with our accounts receivable department prior to shipment. Possession of this price list does not constitute an open account agreement. To establish an open account, contact our customer service department for the appropriate forms. Our credit application must be completed in full, signed by an officer of the company and returned to our credit department for processing. Please allow two weeks for processing. If an open account is not established, other payment options include prepay before shipment, prepay before production and credit card. We reserve the right to charge a 3% fee.


All products will be shipped FOB our dock. Legal responsibility for the product transfers to the buyer upon acceptance by the carrier. Inspect all merchandise immediately upon receipt. All damage claims must be filed with the freight carrier. We will make every attempt to comply with requests for specific carriers. The freight charges may be collect to the receiver, billed to the purchaser or prepaid by Valley Design and added to your invoice. If we prepay freight, a 10% surcharge of the freight charges will be added to your invoice.

Recommended Top Sizes

The recommended top sizes are based on testing with unfinished MDF tops. We recommend that our customers test the bases with the actual top material and construction that will be used on the table.

The recommendations for maximum square table size is based on testing done with the X-base oriented at 45° to the top (corner-to-corner orientation). Orienting the X-base at 0° to the top (perpendicular to the sides) may affect the strength of the base and has not been tested.

Storage Fees

Valley Design reserves the right to issue storage fees if orders are not shipped within 3 business days of order completion.


Approval requests on returns must be made through our Customer Service department. In the event that your return request is approved, the Customer Service Manager will provide authorization documentation for the return. Product returns will not be accepted without an authorization number from the factory. All returned products are subject to a 30% restocking charge. Freight on original shipment is nonrefundable. Any returned product must be shipped freight prepaid in the original container and condition in which it was received.

Damage to the returned product as well as any damage claims are the responsibility of the original purchaser. Valley Design reserves the right to refuse any returned product and will not accept the return of the custom or special order product. No collect shipments will be accepted and all returns are at your own risk and expense. Returns which are unauthorized or are not accompanied by the required documentation and bills of lading will be refused.

Powder Coating Cleaning Conditions

When cleaning powder-coated surfaces, use a mild soap or detergent with warm water and a soft cloth, sponge, or brush. To avoid damaging the finish, refrain from using abrasive cleaners such as steel wool, scrapers, or harsh chemicals. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the surface with clean water, removing all soap residue.

To further extend the lifespan of the powder-coated finish, avoid exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight and UV rays. Whenever possible, take precautions to prevent any impacts or scratches that can compromise the powder coating. Should the finish be compromised, touch up the damaged areas promptly.

Shipment Damage Claims

Legal title to merchandise passes to the buyer upon acceptance by the carrier. All cartons must be carefully inspected upon delivery for visible and concealed damage. If concealed damage has occurred, the carrier must be notified within five (5) days. All of our product is thoroughly inspected before it leaves the factory; therefore, it is the buyer’s responsibility to seek recourse against the carrier.

Quality Plan

Valley Design’s standard quality plan applies to all product in this catalog unless otherwise specified by the customer. For more information on Valley Design’s quality plan, contact our customer service department.

Limited Warranty

All products manufactured by Valley Design are guaranteed to be free of defects due to workmanship for a period of five (5) years from date of purchase. All adjustable height products have a warranty of two (2) years on electronics, moveable parts, and casters. All fixed height products also have a warranty of two (2) years on moveable parts, which include flipping and folding mechanisms and casters. We will repair or replace, at our option, any product that we determine to be defective as a result of faulty material or workmanship. Valley Design is not liable for damage incurred to its products during the installation process. Improper use of power tools with higher levels of torque, drill speed and power will result in damage not covered under the warranty.

In no event shall our liability under this warranty exceed the original purchase price of the product determined to be defective. Additional fees as a result of loss of use, consequential damage or injury are outside the scope of our liability and will not be covered without prior written consent from Valley Design. This warranty does not apply where product has been abused, mishandled or subjected to use other than for which it was designed. For purposes of this warranty, normal wear to the product finish shall not be considered a defect. There are no other warranties expressed or implied. For further information on warranty information, visit