The Cantilever Design Option

Valley Design strives to continue to create products that can be customized and fit to what our clients’ needs are. One of our most common requests is the cantilever or “C-leg” option.

There are a few reasons why choosing a cantilever design would be in your best interest: Easy to clean, comfortability, and a sleek modern design. Having the main base displaced from the center allows the user to have more leg room and the host to easily clean underneath the table without having to go around a center-mounted base.

Many of our products come with this feature already built in like the Counterbalance, Ergo Squared Series, Tubular Series, Escalate Series, Focus Series, and even our Laptop Tables, but some can be designed with this feature for each order. The Wall Mount Cantilever Table Support provides the ability to modify our current product line to mount to walls, much like what you see in fast food restaurants. Currently, the best tables to use the cantilever design are square or rectangular tops, as large round tables are not ideal for this design feature.

Get started by calling our customer service team at 507.268.4221 or toll-free at 800.738.1918 to discuss if the cantilever design is for you or any of your base component needs.

Trust in Valley Design to be the partner at your table.