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  • Access latch from either end of the top for a quick flip and roll
  • Easy to install with surface mount and simple assembly
  • Design allows plenty of room for electrical components
  • Compact nesting minimizes storage space to only 4.375” per table
  • Positive lock in both the vertical and horizontal position
  • Secure from accidental release during use
  • Shipped partially knocked down to reduce freight costs
  • Fits any Valley Design End Base Series


  • Pricing is the additional cost to add this mechanism to a base. The table base(s) are not included in this pricing.
  • Order with applicable bases using designator -GF.


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Body Material

Injection molded black reinforced nylon

Block Material

Extruded and machined aluminum

Latch Material

Extruded and machined aluminum

Pivot Pin Material

5/16” diameter solid steel

Connecting Shaft

3/4” diameter steel tube


#12-8 x 1” PBS, black zinc, #3 Phillips head