What to Expect for the 2022 Seasonal Spike

Busy Warehouse


Extended Lead Times

Our seasonal spike in production that occurs in the summer and fall is upon us. You may know the drill, but as orders increase during this time, so do our turnaround times. This year we will be pushing beyond our normal 4 to 6 weeks to ship standard Product Guide orders. If you have an order coming up or already in production, please communicate with your Customer Service Representative (CSR) early to see how the extended lead times may effect your desired products.

Planning Ahead

The sooner we know your plans, the better. If you have an idea that you will need something for the fall or even next year, let your CSR as soon as possible. It’s easier for our team to help you plan and can also put you higher up in the queue if we know about your order coming through the pipeline well in advance.

Our Customer Service Commitment

Valley Design takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and engineering support to all of our active accounts in order to generate high-quality items and an overall experience. We value long-term partnerships and use those experiences to apply to identify the best solutions for our partners.

Our Quality Policy meets the differing design, quality, and scheduling requirements of each of our external partners. Therefore, continued communication with your CSR will allow our team to provide you what you need when you need it. For more information and/or questions, contact Customer Service at 507.268.4221.

Thanks for your continued support of Valley Design!