Thinking Outside the Box (But Within Your Space)

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If you’re already a client of ours, you’re probably familiar with the diverse product selection that we have to offer. You might even have a standard product line that you order from time after time. However, have you considered how our bases and frames can be utilized beyond the “traditional tables” in the education, medical, and hospitality industries?

At Valley Design, we want to equip you with the best product selection and functionality options for your clients – even if you can’t quite envision the potential for everything we offer just yet. So, we’ve started creating environment renderings (that you may have seen a few of in previous communications) to help you visualize the many different ways that our frames and bases can be used. Our intent is to reinforce that nothing needs to be “standard” and it’s ok to “think outside the box!” We want to help you explore beyond the conventional “commercial” office spaces. With all the height, color, shape, and accessory options we offer, our products can be more than just “table bases.” They can be bases for desks, research lab counters, high-tops for bars and restaurants, physical therapy benches, coffee tables for lounges, standing height workspaces, and beyond… the possibilities are endless!

Our goal with these renderings is to demonstrate how:

Rendering of science lab

Incorporating accessories such as casters and folding mechanisms can help create a flexible – and moveable! – setup for any space in need of versatility. (Think of event centers, research labs, classrooms, etc.)

Rendering of physical therapy lab

There are frames and bases that are better for durability and stability, depending on how much weight you plan for your furniture to hold (from the weight of several computer monitors to the weight of a human being even!).

Rendering of classroom 

Your seating options can help determine which base(s) will work best, regardless of if it’s for a small, one-person space or a large, multiple-person conference table.

Rendering of educational setting with desks, TV screens, and book cases

Tables don’t have to be used 24/7, or at the same height even! Functionality such as flip-tops and nesting can allow for efficient storage and maximizing of square footage of a space, while adjustable height can allow for all users to customize the height to their personal preference.

Rendering of a coffee shop or cafe

Lastly, our products can come in a variety of color and height options to add visual variety to any space.

We hope these renderings help spur additional ideas on how we can incorporate our base components into your company’s furniture designs. Our plan is to continue to share these environment renderings as we continue to evolve our product offerings, so that you can continue to “think outside the box” for any of your clients’ spaces. Call us anytime to discuss the possibilities of your next project.