The Valley Design Sample Program: Enhancing your buying experience

You wouldn’t buy a car unless you could test drive it to make sure it works, right? At Valley Design, it is very important to us to ensure that all products will work for their intended use. You want to be sure the product you are purchasing will work for you before you make the final commitment. In order to accomplish this, we offer the Valley Design Sample Program.

In an effort to achieve total client satisfaction, the Valley Design Sample Program provides our clients with the ability to test out our products before making the final purchase. If you are looking to test out a product, receive feedback and compare different options, this sample program allows you to do just that.

Get started right away by contacting the Valley Design Customer Service team at 507.268.4221 or toll-free at 800.738.1918 and mention the Valley Design Sample Program to take advantage of the opportunity to test out a product from start to finish.

Our customer service representatives will walk you through the selection, ordering and receiving process, as well as help you in selecting the right product to fit your needs and assist in placing your final order when you’re ready.


We’re proud to be a [sample] partner at your table.


The Valley Design Team