Our Newest Caster Additions

We’ve expanded our line of casters to now offer even more versatility and style. Our new casters feature additional sizes, functions, and colors to suit the needs of clients across a variety of industries.

Tables with casters

Introducing 3” Casters

If you love our 2” premium casters, you’ll appreciate the new, larger sizing. These casters now come in both 2” and 3” sizing to offer an even greater range of weight support. In fact, our 3” casters can uphold nearly 165lbs. per caster, as opposed to the 95lbs. our 2” casters can support.

Additional Soft-Locking Options

Clients who utilize our hard locking LC3 casters can now enjoy the functionality of our new, soft locking LC3 casters. These soft locking casters are perfect for hard floors commonly found within the healthcare and education industries, allowing for quick and quiet movement between spaces.

New Color Options

Along with functionality, design is a key component in choosing the right caster for any table. Our all-new 3” casters all come in a dual gray/black and fully black color options to provide clients a more seamless and modern table design. Our casters are designed to complement both the style and color of our unique bases, and to increase the practicality and versatility of tables in a wide array of industries and spaces.

soft-locking casters

Enhance the practicality of any of our table bases with our extended line of casters. For more information, please contact our friendly team of table base experts today.