New Sample Program

Try it out!

When you’re a manufacturer, it’s important to ensure that any product you spend time and money on will work for its intended purpose, which means verifying everything from installation plans to end user applications. With the Valley Design sample program, you can do just that.

Valley Design is excited to announce that our clients now have the ability to test out any Valley Design product before finalizing a purchase. This capability is perfect for any clients wishing to:

  • Test new products in the manner and environment they’d be used in after purchase
  • Obtain feedback from consumers and/or employees prior to making a commitment
  • Compare product options to determine the best fit

The process is simple. Get started right away by contacting your Valley Design Customer Service Representative at 507.268.4221 or toll-free at 800.738.1918. Make sure to mention you are calling about the Valley Design sample program. Your Customer Service Representative will walk you through the process of selecting, ordering, and receiving a sample product or two to try out. When the test period is over they’ll help you through placing a complete order, or with selecting a product that fills in any needs you noticed during the trial period.

We’re proud to be a [sample] partner at your table.

The Valley Design Team