Meet Our Flip Top Mechanism

At Valley Design, we understand that space can be a commodity, especially in multipurpose areas, however, your customers don’t have to sacrifice high quality furniture for space-saving alternatives. Our Flip Top Mechanism is designed to optimize space while allowing for easy and compact storing.

Much like the Genu-Flip, our Flip Top Mechanism allows for your tables to be flipped into a vertical position parallel to the table base column, making the table easier to move and enhancing storage efficiency. However, there are a couple noticeable differences between the two. Unlike the Genu-Flip that flips down towards the base, our Flip Top’s mounting plate rotates up, so the tabletop is parallel with the base. Not only is this a more economic option, but this product is also offered as both a fixed and detachable flip top mechanism to cater to the individual needs of you and your customers.

For those looking to smoothly remove their tabletop from its base, our detachable flipping mechanism can be easily disconnected from the base assembly and reattached. This feature is excellent for maximizing storage efficiency. It also provides the ability to switch tabletops of different size, shape, or material depending on the need.

However, for those not needing a detachable tabletop feature, turn to our fixed mechanism, which shares all the same advantages and secure flipping features without the additional option of removing the tabletop.

This mechanism can be purchased separately or as an accessory to our single column end bases and X-Bases, making any of these table bases a great option for those needing space-saving and easy-to-store furniture options.

Turn to the professionals at Valley Design to manufacture practical and functional solutions to your needs, and never again sacrifice quality to save space. Contact our customer service team at 507.268.4221 or send us an email to learn more about how our Flip Top Mechanism can fit into your product offerings today.