Your Stateside Partner

Recent developments in our US trade policy and the growing push to bring manufacturing jobs back to the states is a perfect time to ensure you have a stateside partner in place. As a proud supplier of American-Made products, we at Valley Design value the customization, innovation, and quality our partnerships with our clients promote. Our business model is to work with OEM partners from multiple industries who support our inline product offering as well as work with us to develop proprietary products that meet their customers’ needs. With a long-standing position in the office furniture industry and a growing presence in the educational and hospitality industries, we are well-positioned to serve this strategic direction.

While it can sometimes be a difficult decision to turn away a short-term, one-time sale, we strongly believe the benefits to building a limited but loyal and supportive customer base will pay off with stronger business relationships with those customers who choose to call us their “partner at their table.”

If you’re an OEM in the office furniture, education, and/or hospitality industry and are looking for a partner for your table leg and base needs, we’d love to discuss your projects and see if we can become your stateside partner as well. Feel free to contact us anytime at to get acquainted.