What to Expect from This Year’s Seasonal Spike

seasonal spikeMost manufacturers are beginning to gear up for the upcoming seasonal spike. For the furniture industry, summer months tend to reflect a significant spike in product orders. This year will look a little different, as America is experiencing additional limitations due to decreased workforce and extensive shortages of raw materials.


What Clients Can Expect

Due to increased demand, our production time may not be immediately available on the product schedule. This means our lead times will extend out 4 or more weeks, especially for larger, custom orders. If you have any concerns about your current or future Valley Design orders, we ask that you please contact our customer service team. We are currently planning an obtainable schedule to allow us to continue providing accurate product timelines with clients.


How Valley Design is Preparing

At Valley Design, we recognize these obstacles and are working diligently to ensure we’re continuing the same level of quality service to our clients as we have for the past 35 years.

We are assessing our inventory multiple times a day. Things are quickly changing, with new curveballs coming our way nearly every day. We aim to not let these circumstances affect any orders, but we must be realistic.”  – Luke Isensee, Business Development Manager at Valley Design.

During these times, our dedicated team is working overtime, securing more inventory, purchasing larger amounts of raw materials, frequently assessing inventory, and increasing our communication with vendors.


Our Suggestions for Clients

We strongly urge clients to clearly communicate your project needs with our Customer Service Team well in advanced so we can prepare to meet your order in a timely fashion. If you know you’ll be in need of a specific order in the coming future, we suggest placing your orders as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your orders or the current increase in demand, please contact our talented team of representatives. We are happy to answer questions and communicate detailed timelines.

As a result of the pandemic’s significant impact on the supply chain, we will be increasing our prices effective June 1, 2021. To learn more about the increase, please click here.