The Valley Design Product Guide

Bigger is better when it comes to product guides, right? Here at Valley Design, we feel the more information from a supplier means more options for the manufacturer, and more options for the client means more possibilities for their business. This is why we continue to evolve our product guide each and every year, and the biggest evolution of our product guide is currently in the works. Stay tuned for not only a bigger and better version of the product guide, but increased ease-of-use, realistic renderings, and clearly outlined product options from Valley Design to roll out later this year.

In the meantime, our current product guide has recently been updated and improved for your use. It still features all of the classic Valley Design products you’ve come to know and love, but now there are also several pages chock full of new products (and new product options!) sure to make your furniture stand out!

Recent updates to the Valley Design Product Guide include:

  • The addition of a NEW ErgoRound Series
    (A cost-effective alternative to ErgoSquared, with subtle curves and soft lines.)
  • The addition of a NEW Frame Series
    (No longer do we only offer an H-Frame, but now an O-Frame, too!)
  • The addition of the full ErgoSquared product line
    (A high-quality line full of options and flexibility.)
  • The addition of the full Escalate product line
    (The base known for its stability, but with height adjustability to boot.)
  • A name change for the Alloy Series
    (It is now the Aluminum Series… makes more sense, right?)
  • The addition of Adjustable Height options for Disk bases
    (Now get the flexibility that comes with an adjustable height base with the space saving round bottomed base option.)

It is always the personal and professional goal of Valley Design to continuously evolve along with our ever-expanding industry.  To gain access to the most recent Valley Design product guide, please contact or call 507.268.4912.