The End of One Chapter and Beginning of Another

After nearly 50 years in the manufacturing industry and over two decades at Valley Design, Red Walter has officially retired. Most recently, you may have known him as our VP of Special Operations. But for the majority of his time with us, Red held the role of General Manager of Manufacturing. Red held close relationships with our employees and clients. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting or getting to know him, here is a bit more about who Red is, and what makes him such an inspiration to us as we continue growing Valley Design.

Red's retirement

Over his 22-year-long career with us at Valley Design, Red has always been committed to upholding his career, morals, and relationships. Although he often refers to himself as a common working man, we refer to him as one of the hardest workers we’ve come across.

In this day and age, it’s rare to come across an individual who’s worked with one company for more than 20 years, let alone two.” – Luke Isensee, Business Development Manager at Valley Design.

In fact, in the past 22 years at Valley Design, Red has yet to miss a single day of work. Punctuality and attendance are among the core values Red strives to live by. Every morning, Red arrived early at work eager and determined to enhance our processes, safety, and efficiency. “I’m always looking ways I can help,” says Red. “I often ask myself, what can I do today that will make something work better?” Red’s work ethic and desire to always help others is among the many traits we’ll miss most about him.

Red has always been a “behind-the-scenes hero” at Valley Design. His main focus was always to make sure our team and our clients were taken care of. One of the most memorable ways he showcased this was through his BBQ cooking. Our team always looked forward to the occasions where Red would bring in his smoked BBQ and homemade BBQ sauce. Employees never left our company picnics or safety lunches empty-handed, as Red always made sure they were stocked with a full, cooked roast or delicious pork loin.

“Red has always been a loyal, hardworking employee, and above all, a good friend. We are going to miss his knowledge and ‘get-it-done’ attitude. It’s been an honor to work alongside him all these years. We’re very thankful for his commitment to us.” – Butch Isensee, Owner/CEO of Valley Design.

We are extremely excited for what this next chapter holds for Red, as he and his wife enjoy retirement together. For those who know Red, you know he’ll always be a working man at heart. He looks forward to continuing to share his knowledge and helpfulness with clients, friends, and employees, stating that he’ll be around by phone to answer any of your questions.