Taking the Laptop Table to a Whole New Level

Traditional workspaces have been pushed to the wayside as the amount of the people working from home reaches new heights. To meet the need for versatility and flexibility in workspaces today, we’ve taken our laptop table series to a whole new level.

We’ve enhanced our fixed-height laptop table to now feature an even greater level of convenience. Introducing the Adjustable Height Laptop Product. This product features the same durability as the fixed height laptop table, now also including the capability to vertically adjust to any level from 20.25” to 30” with ease. The vertical adjustment can help reposition any laptop to a user’s most comfortable level.

Adjustable Height Laptop Table

Take your laptop table offerings to new heights for your customers in need of more versatile workspaces by contacting Mona, Rachel, or Luke today. If you have a color in mind that you want to try out in your next order, contact your customer service representative at 507.268.4221 and let them know you’re interested in purchasing a sample. For more table products that benefit a wider variety of spaces, visit our complete product guide.