Valley Design commits to being sustainable in the fullest sense of the word, to nurture our people, our planet, and our profits, and to continually strive for sustainable excellence in development and production within our industry and the community.

We took the first step towards sustainable practices in 1986 when we choose to utilize a new technology that would disrupt and displace the status of harmful, solvent-based paints in the industrial world. Called powder coating, this technique virtually eliminated the emission of volatile compounds. Its use required less energy, and allowed for a more durable finished product.

Continue reading to learn more about the individual aspects of Valley Design’s current sustainability practices and policies.

Environmental Sustainability

Over 20 years ago, Valley Design took the first step towards a healthier manufacturing environment when we chose to use powder coating over solvent-based paints. Although the nature of powder coating does not currently lend itself to using recycled materials for virgin powder, Valley Design utilizes over-spray collections on the powder coating lines, which boosts powder utilization to over 95%. We monitor the limited discharges of wastewater, and maintain compliance with MPCA guidelines. The majority of our products are manufactured from materials that are easily recycled.

Valley Design recycles all of the following materials:

• Plastic bottles
• Cardboard
• Aluminum scrap
• Steel scrap
• Waste oil
• Pallets
• Ballasts
• Transformers
• Fluorescent bulbs.

Valley Design uses the following recyclable materials in their products:

• Aluminum
• Steel

In addition to the above, wastewater discharges are limited and tested monthly for MPCA guideline compliance. Chemicals are properly disposed of by WRR Environmental Services after balancing their pH in individual, labeled totes.

Valley Design complies with any laws & regulations dealing with handling and disposing hazardous waste.

It is our commitment to continue to strive to reduce energy consumption, recycle wastewater, reduce landfill deposits, and increase the use of recyclable content. We commit to continuously work towards solutions that contribute to cleaner air, fresher water, and a smaller carbon footprint.

Social Sustainability & Responsibility

Valley Design has several policies in place designed to protect our employees including, but not limited to, written Harassment and Discrimination policies, and Secure Storage of Employee Personal Data. All employees are given policy information during orientation and throughout their career in the form of internal monthly newsletters. All employees are required to comply with all policies, and are held accountable to doing so by the CEO of Valley Design.

We are an “at will” employer, hiring qualified candidates over 18 years of age

We are an equal opportunity employer.

We comply with all State and Federal wage and hour guidelines, and all of the required postings are displayed for all employees and applicants to see.

Valley Design has a written safety program that coincides with existing safety programs (AWAIR, Right To Know, etc.) available for industries and employees. We have a Safety Committee that meets monthly to discuss all safety concerns, and communicate these concerns, updates, and policy changes via our internal monthly newsletter.