Did You Know: You Can Sample One of Our NEW Finishes

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Sample Colors

We’ll keep it simple: you can sample! When it comes to furniture, we know that YOU know that color can be just as important as functionality to some of your clients, which is why we want you to feel confident when selecting one of our new color options that we introduced in January of 2020.

With the Valley Design sample program, not only can you order a single sample of the base(s) you may be looking at (for a discounted price), you can also have that sample finished in any of our available colors to ensure it’s the exact color you’re  looking for.

Sure, we have printed catalogs, online catalogs, shareable swatch files, and more that all show the color options available. However, discrepancies in printing, computer monitor calibration, and even swatch sizing can all result in a variation of color expectation. By ordering a full-sized sample of the exact product you’re looking to buy in bulk, you (and your client!) will be able to not only test the functionality of the base, but also see exactly what the finished color will look like so you can feel confident that your expectations will be met when your full order arrives.

Have a color (or two!) in mind that you want to try out in your next order? Contact your customer service representative at 507.268.4221 and let them know you’re interested in purchasing a sample of an upcoming order and they’ll help you “try it before you buy it.”