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Please see our selection of approved colors for adjustable height bases. These products require a certain level of Taber Abrasion-resistant paint. If you have custom colors you wish to inquire about, please contact customer service to see if your color meets this requirement prior to ordering.


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Genu-Flip Mechanism
• Genu-Tilt Mechanism


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Note: XXX is defined by spring size below.

Available Lift Capacity
Spring Size Pound Equivalent Lift Range
150N 33 lbs. 22-44lbs.
200N 44 lbs. 35-55lbs.
250N 55 lbs. 26-66lbs.
300N 66 lbs. 37-77lbs.
Base Height Adjustment Range

26.63” – 44.26”

Column, Upper Outer

2.75” (70 mm) x 0.079” (2 mm) square tubular steel

Column, Lower Inner

2.2” (56mm)x 0.079” (2 mm) square tubular steel

Main Bar/Feet

2.5” wide x 1.25” thick alloy


5/16”-18, 1.5” dia. black plastic


Black plastic 1” dia. wheel, non-locking

Mounting Plate

0.25” steel mounting plate


Not Assembled