Parsons Frame Introduces New Height: Meaning More Options for Your Clients

Are you familiar with our popular Parsons Frame Series? These easy-to-assemble frames are incredibly versatile thanks to the many sizing options we have available. We’re happy to share that the newest design to the Parsons line is the counter height option which joins the standard height and bar height frames we introduced last fall.

Parsons Frame Height Options

  • Standard – base height of 27-3/4”
  • Counter – base height of 34-3/4”
  • Bar – base height of 40-3/4”

Each frame in the Parsons Series showcases a sleek, minimalist appearance while having the stability to support more weight than most and allows for tops up to 48”x72” in size. With more than 60 different size and height combinations and three different heights now available, you’re sure to find a Parsons Frame to fit your clients’ needs. Better yet, there’s no shortage of ways to utilize these bases. Keep reading for ideas.

As you can see in the café rendering above, the standard height frame and the bar height frame make an appearance. Both of these height options make ideal choices for your clients who want to bring a modern and sophisticated look to their restaurant, coffee shop, library, office, convention center, and so on. A visual variety of table heights can help create an intriguing and inviting space for your clients’ businesses. Also, an assortment of color options is available to better match any commercial color scheme – whether it’s the modern route with black or grey, or a bolder choice like the red seen here.

Now take a look at the rendering above. The counter height design offers versatility for your clients in a variety of industries from medical to higher education to retail and more. These bases are designed at a height that’s comfortable and practical for people who stand on their feet at work (with the option of adding counter seating as well). The addition of casters makes it possible to move the tables around for a more productive and flexible working environment.

The rendering above features a physical therapy room with the Parsons Frame bases. Your clients will appreciate how these bases are capable of holding a person’s body weight. The impressive weight capacity opens up many opportunities for your clients in the medical and education industries.

The ways that your clients can use the durable Parsons Frame Series are limitless. Whether they work in the hospitality industry or they want to furnish a commercial office building, they would truly benefit from using our Parsons Frames bases.

 If want to include the Parsons Frame Series in your product catalog, please call our customer service team at 507.268.4221. Since the Parsons line has so many great options to choose from, we ask that you review your order with your customer service representative to ensure that the correct Parsons frame is ordered for your clients’ needs.