Our Products by the Numbers

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We often hear, “Oh I didn’t know you had that!?” And, when looking at our standard product guide by the numbers, it’s no wonder. If we were a betting company, we’d bet on any of our clients finding something they didn’t know we had in our product offerings, regardless of if they’re a potential new partner or have been a partner of ours for years.

Did you know that we offer…

13 different base series
78 different standard bases
316 different variations of our standard bases

Beyond our bases, we also offer…

19 different finishes
26 accessories to our bases
32 additional options to our bases
91 different variations of our accessories and options

Mathematically speaking, this means there are more than 25,000 different product variations/configurations that you could order, and that is only from our standard product guide!

If that’s not enough, we also manufacture custom products with the help of our talented team of engineers, so really the product opportunities are endless.

Regardless of the industry, you’re in and the needs you may have, Valley Design can manufacture the table base products you seek. Contact our customer service team to start discussing your product needs today.

*Please note: as we continually add additional products, accessories, and options to our product guide, the numbers listed above are most likely already incorrectly low. Sign up for our newsletter and keep coming back to our website to stay current with new products!