NOTICE: Valley Design is Growing

At Valley Design, we have experienced a significant increase in demand for our products and services. Our Customer Service team comprised of Shelly, Mona and Rachel, have been working diligently to keep you informed about shipping date changes and, in some cases, seasonal delays that can occur from time to time.

We continue to cross-train our team members, use lean production practices, provide newer means of technology and expand advanced automation. As we bring in new team members and hire seasonal professionals to meet the growing demands, we are reminded that this is indeed a partnership.

Our customers’ satisfaction is what we strive for every day and even as we grow, we’ll work hard to get you what you need. Our production team is the key to our success, and we ask for your patience as they work diligently to meet shorter lead times, keep necessary inventory on hand, and shipments out as soon as possible – all while making sure you’re receiving the same quality standards you’ve come to expect from us here at Valley Design.

We will continue to do our part in providing exceptional service and we appreciate your patience and continued support for our growth.

Thank you,

Valley Design Team Members