New Products at Valley Design

Our team at Valley Design continually works to provide you with the latest products that meet your customers’ specific needs.

We are excited to announce the additions of three new products – the Laptop Table base, Angled Legs, and Floor Mount Brackets – to our ever-growing line of products.

Laptop Table

Whether your clients are looking for a reading desk, breakfast tray, or working desk, the new Valley Design Laptop Table base is a practical solution for people who like versatility. If you’re looking for a Laptop Table that is portable and easy to store, this is a great base for your product!

Learn more by visiting the Laptop Table on our products page.


Standing Height Angled Legs

We discovered an additional need within our Angled Leg series – standing height! This new offering for Standing Height Angled Legs allows you to produce tables or desks with different height options for your customers to choose from, without compromising on consistency in aesthetic. Best part yet – all of our Angled Leg products are suitable for a variety of base configurations.

Learn more by visiting Standing Height Angled Legs on our products page.


Floor Mount Brackets

A lot of our accessories provide versatility, but sometimes immobility is what your customers need. Our accessories line now includes Floor Mount Brackets that offer enhanced stability by attaching our base to your customer’s floor – fastening your table or desk in place in their space.

Learn more by visiting the Floor Mount Brackets in the Accessories section of our products page.

If you have further questions on these components, and how you can utilize them within your products, please contact customer service at 507.268.4221