Increased Versatility in Multifunctional Spaces

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Valley Design multifunctional bases in classroom setting

At Valley Design, we manufacture a variety of products designed with versatility in mind. Our wide range of bases, accessories, and available options allow for your clients to maximize the functionality of their spaces – without running into storage restraints and increased, unnecessary inventory.

Oftentimes, those in the hospitality and education industries have multifunctional spaces that cater to a variety of needs. Hotels and convention centers typically have these types of spaces, and can change the layout of a room to accommodate a large convention one day and a wedding, holiday party, or corporate meeting the next. In these instances, time is usually of the essence so efficiency (in both movability and storage) is key.

Additionally, in a school setting, classrooms – while traditionally set up with desks for day-to-day individualized learning – may benefit from being transformed into an open space sans-desks or even transitioning the desks to round tables for group activities or counter height for standing workspaces.

The capabilities of our products can give your clients in the education and hospitality industries the opportunity to use their spaces in more than one way. Let us give you some examples:

  • Our Nester Series, Genu-Flip Kit, and Genu-Fold mechanism can be folded or flipped for easy and efficient storage.
  • The addition of casters to bases allow clients to push and move tables effortlessly throughout a multifunctional space (and can be locked in place once set).
  • Adjustable height bases are suitable for many different environments. These bases can take the room from sitting to standing or provide a combination of desk-height, counter-height, or bar-height throughout the room.
  • Additionally, color options allow your clients to accommodate any decor with a neutral, muted tone or make a bold statement with brighter colors. Choose from our selection of neutrals, earth tones, silvers, grays, blacks, white, chrome, and premium powder coat finishes.

Valley Design multifunctional bases in classroom setting

Valley Design multifunctional bases in classroom setting

Help your clients choose the products and accessories that will maximize the versatility of their multi-functional space. Discuss their needs with any of our Customer Service Representatives by calling 507-268-4221 so they can help unearth customized solutions for your clients.