Built to Tilt: Introducing the Genu-Tilt

Versatility and functionality work hand-in-hand in our team’s latest product development. From education to hospitality, and every industry in between, this mechanism is sure to benefit your customers. Introducing our newest product to accompany the Genu-Flip series: the Genu-Tilt.


Genu-Tilt Tilting Mechanism


The Genu-Tilt mechanism offers the same functionality as the Genu-Flip, with the ability to flip your tables upright for enhanced storage efficiency. Like the Genu-Flip, the mechanism can be added to many of our base offerings, including our Tubular series (you can pair it with the Numa-Lift option for height adjustability). What makes the Genu-Tilt stand apart from our Genu-Flip mechanism is the additional locking position at a 15-degree tilt to maximize versatility. Turn any flat tabletop into a more ergonomical, slanted workspace with ease using its built-in manual lever.

Although developed specifically for our Focus Series, of which the bases are great for individual workspaces in educational settings, the Genu-Tilt’s versatility can benefit spaces beyond just the classroom. By using the Genu-Tilt with adjustable height tables in a meeting or event center, attendees are able to sit, stand, or even present without the need for different table heights or separate podiums.

Our team works to ensure each of our products is developed with versatility in mind, and the new Genu-Tilt mechanism allows for just that. The mechanism may be purchased as an accessory to our bases or separately. To ensure our mechanism will suit your exact needs, please contact our customer service department to discuss your options.