Introducing the Focus Series

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Students sit in hundreds of different positions throughout the day – upright, slouched, twisted, or straddling their seats. They stretch out their legs, sit on them, cross them, bounce them. Sitting behind a desk all day can wear anyone down physically and mentally. That’s why we designed our Focus Series with the education industry in mind. This base is fully capable of living up to its name. The Focus Series works great in single person applications and comes with a variety of available options to help the user attain full focus when using.

A disadvantage of using classroom furniture that doesn’t meet acceptable ergonomic standards can lead to a lack of attention and learning. The Focus Series ergonomic design can adjust, to help fidgety legs, fold for ease of cleaning and storage, and wheelbarrow for easy movement and reconfiguration around a classroom.

Valley Design works diligently to provide our clients in the education industry first-rate service and American-made base components that fit individual needs. We take durability, longevity, and budget into consideration when designing our custom products. Let the Focus Series create the perfect learning environment for all of your classroom applications by viewing all our Adjustable and Fixed options.