Introducing the 2020 Paint Program

New Paint Program
After a long wait, our curation phase is complete and we’re officially rolling out our renewed, revamped, and revitalized 2020 Paint Program!  We’ve made several additions and changes to our finishing offerings that we think are worth mentioning.

Out with the Old. In with the New.

As the furniture industry evolves, so does color popularity. We’ve discovered that some colors have definitely “ran their course” over the years, and they’ve been officially retired. But don’t get discouraged, we’ve replaced them with ample other options as you can see below.

Retired Colors
• Chateau Brown Wrinkle
• Georgian Gray Wrinkle
• Maple Brown
• Oxford Gray
• Smoke Gray
• Western Beige

New Color Additions
• Anodized Silver
• Arc White Wrinkle
• Bronze Matte Metallic
• Champagne Metallic
• Cool Gray
• Flint
• Grass Green
• Lime Green
• Moss Green
• Navy Blue
• Night Bronze
• Platinum Texture
• Raw Steel
• Ruby Red
• Sand
• Satin Nickel
• Signal Blue
• Signal Red
• Silver Texture
• Sky Blue
• Traffic Red

Have questions or concerns about our 6 retired colors or 21 new additions? Simply reach out to our Customer Service Reps to discuss.


Bright, Bold Color Palettes

The most visibly obvious change in our new Paint Program is sure to be the addition of some bright new palettes of reds, blues, and greens. We’ve seen more and more requests come in for colors that make a bold statement, so we decided to be bold ourselves. If your customers are looking to make their furniture selections stand out with a pop of color, be sure to check out these new colorful finishes.


Many More Adjustable Height Options

Perhaps the most exciting advancement in our 2020 Paint Program is the major expansion of our adjustable height color offerings. Before, any inner column of our ErgoSquare and ErgoRound bases had four color options. Now, in the new program, there are 19 color options for our adjustable height bases!  No longer are the inner columns of our Ergo series limited to white, silver, or black… your color options have multiplied.

Note: Our Counterbalance products are still only available in Ergo White, Ergo Black, or Silver. Our ErgoRound electric products are only available in Ergo Black or Silver.


See the New Program for Yourself

Have we peaked your interest yet? You can check out the new color options for yourself in the following ways:


We hope the new finish options in our 2020 Paint Program will help you make an impact with your customers. When you’re ready to talk color, call 507-268-4221 or email Mona, Rachel, or Greg to discuss these new opportunities for your upcoming orders!