How to Choose Your Base

What to Consider When Choosing a Table Base

At Valley Design, we understand that the freedom of ordering products the way we want them, in a hassle-free manner, is the way of the world these days. Because of this, we are constantly updating our product guides, website, and quote forms so they become tools for our customers to find the products they need in an easily understood, efficient manner. But even with these tools, are you considering all your options?

When helping to spec or quote out a job, there are several key considerations that we typically discuss with clients to assist with deciphering our extensive product library and ordering the right base for the project. These considerations include:

  1. Surface: What is the size of your surface? Is there anything special about the surface such as the material it is made out of? Are there any objects besides the bases that are being permanently attached to the surface (i.e. modesty panels, monitor arms, cabinets)?
  2. Fixed or Adjustable Height: Are you in need of fixed or adjustable height bases?
    • If it is a fixed base, do you need T bases, X bases, disk bases, or post legs?
    • If adjustable is what you are looking for, do you have an idea of how often you believe the end user will need to adjust their surface throughout the week? (This can help determine whether the application should be ratchet, pneumatic, crank or electric.)

  3. Functionality: Do your bases need to be mobile, offset, flip, fold, or nest?
  4. Quantity: How many are you looking for?
  5. Delivery: What is the delivery date you are looking to hit?
  6. Frequency: Is this for a one-time project or is it a long term add on to your table line?

Although our catalog is roughly 140 pages in length, considering these topics from the start of your project will help your Customer Service Representative find the perfect solution for you in minutes!

You can always peruse our standard product lines at and feel free to call our customer service team to discuss your questions – or your custom project –  during business hours at 507.268.4221.

We always welcome any feedback on how to continue making improvements on our resources, so please don’t hesitate to let us know your opinion!