Here’s What New Products Came from 2020

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As we embark into 2021, we wanted to take a step back to reflect on the new products we’ve introduced as well as the expansions of our classic series in 2020. 

Parsons Counter and Bar Height Options

The Parsons Frame Series has become a popular selection among clients for its simplicity and dependability. We’ve recently expanded this series from originally offering standard and bar heights to now include counter height options. Not only did we adjust the height flexibility, we also improved the manufacturing costs in the process, lowering our prices by 5%. These bases are both easy-to-assemble and aesthetically sleek, making them specifically attractive for clients looking for large tables to use within common spaces.

The 2020 Paint Program

As we flipped the page of 2019 and entered into the New Year, it was out with the old and in with the new. As we set foot into a new decade, we felt it was most necessary to roll out new and improved color options to better suit our customers (and their customers, too.) We said “goodbye” to six of our original color options and said “hello” to 21 fresh and new additions. The most exciting advancement to our expansion of color options was the addition of the adjustable height color offerings. We now are able to offer 20 different color options for the adjustable height products, providing customers with an array of colors to best match their space and style needs.


Functionality and versatility work hand in hand with the latest addition to the Genu-Flip series that was literally built-to-tilt. The Genu-Tilt offers customers the ability to utilize one single product for a variety of needs. Especially useful for the education and hospitality industries, the Genu-Tilt has an array of uses. With the pull of a lever, this flat table can turn into a 15-degree tilted podium, making large conferences and events a breeze.

Adjustable Height Laptop Table

In August, we took the laptop table game to a whole new level with the introduction of the Adjustable Height Laptop Product. Flexibility remained at the forefront of our minds when creating this unique product. Workspaces became more versatile in 2020, when many transitioned to working at home. This product allows clients the ability to extend or retract the table base to fit their intended seating height.

At Valley Design, we are proud to manufacture practical and functional solutions for a vast variety of industries. For more information on any of our products of services, please contact our team of professionals, and we’d be more than happy to assist you.