Featured: Pneumatic Adjustment Option

At Valley Design, we make it a priority to provide the most versatility in our products that we can. Along with our motor, crank, and ratchet adjustment options, we also offer pneumatic.

Pneumatic is an adjustment option we offer on a variety of our products. Unlike our other adjustment types, pneumatic uses pressurized air to move and shift to the position you desire.

Pneumatic provides some of the best operating properties in the market. With precision steel tubes and rollers, plus speed-control valving and weight adjustment, there is little they can’t do.

At Valley design, we offer the pneumatic adjustment option on the following products:

  • Mono-Lift X-Base
  • Mono-Lift Disk Base
  • Single Column Escalate U-Base
  • Dual Column Escalate U-Base
  • Counterbalance End Base

The Pneumatic option is completely free of electricity, making it perfect for mobile applications, or areas where outlets are scarce. It’s fast, quiet and ecological, and can handle nearly any work surface—even if loaded with computers and monitors.

Next time you are looking for an easy adjustment option to meet your needs, try one of our products with a pneumatic adjustment option and experience enhanced versatility and ease of use.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact customer service at 507.268.4221.