Dual Leg Hand Crank Nester: Easy to Use, Easy to Store

Dual Leg Hand Crank Nester

The need for space-saving furniture is on the rise. Businesses understand the importance of utilizing every square foot of available space. For this reason, our team develops innovative design solutions for use across all industries. Our space-efficient Nester Series maximizes your space while providing functional style. Most noteworthy is our Dual Leg Hand Crank Nester.

Our Dual Leg Hand Crank Nester is specifically built with compact performance in mind. From classrooms and offices to event space and hospitals, this modern component offers versatility in every environment. Not only Nester Series - Top Viewdoes the base adjust in height, for optimal function for the user, the nester extrusion allows for a maximum storage width of 6.75”. As a result, you receive the tightest nesting dimension possible. The innovative design allows tables to flip for easy push away storage and room reconfiguration.

Removable Hand Crank

A unique feature of this component is the sleek and functional removable handle. By selecting this option, the legs are able to be pushed out to the ends of the top; allowing enough leg room for small tables to be ADA compliant.  Use the handle to adjust your top to the desired height and simply remove the handle and place it in the provided storage cradle.  If a removable handle is not what you desire, contact customer service for fixed handle options.

At Valley Design, we are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, well-engineered base components. You can rest assured each fabricated piece is built to last. Contact our customer service team today for more information on the Dual Leg Hand Crank Nester. We can’t wait to get to know you and help you find the right solution to fit your needs.