Domestic Supply Chains: You Can Count On Us

US Material Suppliers

During times like COVID-19 and other unforeseen challenges that arrive year after year for our clients, one of our favorite things to hear is “Valley always comes through.” Like many businesses, we strive to deliver on our promises to our clients, but we couldn’t be a reliable U.S. based supplier for you, if we didn’t have our own reliable supply chain.

We have a supply chain of our own.

Just as you rely on us to be part of your supply chain, we rely on our own partners to supply us the necessities to manufacture the components for your needs. Whether it’s raw materials, product sub-components, or metal, we have a network of our own suppliers that we rely on for production.

We buy local.

Being located in the small town of Fountain, MN in southeast Minnesota, we don’t quite mean “local” in the traditional sense, but instead we practice what we preach by keeping almost the entirety of our supply chain within the United States, with the only overseas sourcing being a selection of our adjustable height parts from Europe. Due to our roots and history (as well as shipping costs of course), many of our own suppliers are heavily seated within the Midwest, along with additional partners located throughout the contiguous 48 states (see map of our top core vendors).

We love a challenge.

By keeping our own supply chain domestic, we are able to pass on the increased reliability to you, our client. Because of the relationships we have with our suppliers, we’re able to take on virtually any challenge. Regardless of if your challenge is time-related, quantity related, or even a need for a product variation, please don’t hesitate to communicate your needs to us and we’ll do our very best to come through for you.


We want you to be able to count on Valley Design to come through for you. Thanks to our own domestic supply chain, we’re confident we can deliver on your needs. As always, our goal is to not just be your supplier, but a partner at your table.