Customer Service Commitment During Seasonal Spikes

Extended Turnaround Times

Summer months are upon us which means a major seasonal spike in orders for component manufacturers. Due to the increased demand we’re experiencing, turnaround times have been pushed out beyond our normal 3 to 4 weeks to ship standard Product Guide orders. In addition, larger-sized custom orders placed in summer months may require extended lead times. If you have questions about your order (whether it’s in production or pending), we encourage clients to reach out to their Customer Service Representative to receive the personalized updates on their order status.

Planning Ahead

We encourage you to communicate your potential order plans now for the fall – and even into next year. Our Customer Service team will help you plan a realistic schedule and communicate accurate timelines. Even if your upcoming orders are still in the planning stages, we can prepare our team for the upcoming production and pencil your order into the queue. If you have any concerns about upcoming orders, your CSR will provide the insight and information you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Customer Service Commitment

At Valley Design, we pride ourselves on superior customer service and excellence in engineering assistance to all our active accounts in order to produce high-caliber merchandise and overall experience. We value long-term partnership relationships where our expertise can be used to find solutions that work best for our partners.

Our Quality Policy meets the differing design, quality, and scheduling requirements of each of our external partners. Therefore, continued communication with your CSR will allow our team to provide you what you need when you need it. For more information and/or questions, contact Customer Service at 507.268.4221.

Thanks for your continued support of Valley Design!