Building Long-term Partnerships Through Customer Service

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Customer Service in the Manufacturing Industry

Here at Valley Design, everything we do is centered around customer service. We are committed to providing excellent service while building long-term partnerships with our clients. Every day we are faced with new opportunities to help find and create customized solutions for our clients.

How the Industry is Changing 

The office furniture industry has been the primary focus of our metal table bases, frames, brackets, and other metal accessories for many years. In addition to office furniture, many of our clients are now targeting and seeing growth in the educational, hospitality, and healthcare markets. This shift in what our clients are asking for has pushed us to think outside of the box. 

How We’re Changing with It 

In 2016, we rolled out a long-term strategic business direction to align our company to serve more focused and committed clients. By seeking long-term business partnerships, we believe we can improve on our relationships and on-time deliveries. We also believe in creating an environment for more open and honest communication with our clients.

Our new business model was put to the test in summer 2019 during the annual seasonal spike in orders which exceeded our expectations. While the demands on the manufacturing team were a challenge, we saw a huge improvement in on-time deliveries. By improving our on-time deliveries, we helped our clients meet their own commitments to their clients.

Working Together for Customized Solutions

Our online product guide offers a wide variety of standard inline metal bases, options, and accessories ranging from fixed height products to electric and pneumatic adjustable table bases. These units are manufactured and assembled to order. However, as a valued client of ours, we encourage you look beyond the product selection in our product guide and reach out to your Customer Service Representative with any questions. We have far more options and capabilities than what’s listed in our product guide.

By using both our online product guide and our Customer Service team, our clients are able to determine what products their clients need. Working in stride with our clients allows us to provide more product-specific solutions. Together we can unearth new opportunities to partner on creating customized or modified products.

Manufacturing Moving Forward

Lastly, improving the manufacturing process is, of course, our single most critical and important daily activity. We are seeking out additional opportunities for automation, lean manufacturing, and facility utilization. We are addressing similar issues and concerns that any modern manufacturing facility is dealing with today.

Through customer service, we are able to build long-term partnerships with our clients. Moving forward, we will continue to improve upon ourselves every day and help our clients find solutions that benefit and propel their clients into the future. Call our Valley Design Customer Service Representatives at 507-268-4221 to collaborate on upcoming custom or routine orders for your clients.