7 Reasons to Support Stateside Manufacturing

While many companies are outsourcing large portions of their business to places overseas, Valley Design is committed to keeping production in the United States. Besides the obvious benefits of higher quality, cost savings, and a quicker turnaround, we recognize that it would not be possible to produce high-caliber merchandise and services without the help of our talented Valley Design team members. Below, we discuss seven of the main advantages of keeping manufacturing stateside.

1. A Higher Standard of Safety & Quality Control

By being geographically close to our OEM partners, we’re able to execute tighter control over the manufacturing process, allowing us to enforce greater safety practices in our facility to help protect our workers. In addition to our written safety program, our Safety Committee meets monthly to discuss all safety concerns, and communicate these concerns, updates, and policy changes to our employees. Countries where manufacturing is commonly outsourced often do not have the same level of safety regulations, which could put their employees at higher risk of injury while at work. You can be confident that all materials sent to our OEM partners adhere to our strict safety and quality standards, helping to ensure they have the best components on hand to produce the final products sold to the consumer.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Valley Design diligently works to improve processes and procedures directly related to environmental impact and social responsibility. Since 2010, we have been a partner in the Green Suppliers Network with the goal to reduce energy consumption, recycle wastewater, reduce landfill deposits, and increase the use of recyclable content. These processes not only save money and energy, but they also make U.S. manufacturing a much eco-friendlier option. We commit to continuously work towards solutions that contribute to cleaner air, fresher water, and a smaller carbon footprint.

3. A Partner in the Industry

Manufacturing isn’t the only part of our business that benefits from keeping our company located on American soil. We pride ourselves building and retaining relationships with our clients. With superior customer service and excellence in engineering assistance, we truly partner with businesses when it comes to providing American-made, direct-to-manufacturer base components. Valley Design is the smart choice for domestically-constructed base components found in offices, schools, and hospitality, and healthcare industries.

4. Shorter Lead Times

We understand that businesses don’t have time to wait for product delivery. Products coming from overseas can take weeks or even months, depending on the shipping method. Not only does manufacturing in the U.S. save you money on logistics costs, but it also saves you valuable time in the production process.

5. Custom or Modified Metal Components

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Valley Design has the capability to build metal structures using parts and pieces from multiple other departments. Stamped pieces, welds, tubes, and cuts can be combined to manufacture an ideal end product. Valley Design hosts a wide variety of departments, personnel, and machinery. Each contributes to an extensive range of capabilities that may apply to industries beyond furniture fabrication.

6. Wide Variety of Products and Services

Clients who work with us have access to a multitude of standard options, as well as personalized assistance and recommendations from engineering experts. We strive to provide our clients with first-rate service and American-made base components that not only fit the concept and intent of each individual product, but also consider the durability, longevity, and budget allotted to those particular products.

7. Design for Manufacturability and Engineering Assistance

Costly tooling problems are completely avoidable with Design for Manufacturability support. Optimize your product design by taking advantage of the manufacturing functions that are currently available, as opposed to requiring the creation of new fabrication techniques and tooling. Extensive machinery and personnel allow for exclusive control of your product from start to finish. Everything from initial concept design to shipping of a final piece is well thought out and planned in advance.

We’ve been supplying high-quality products direct to manufacturers for more than 30 years, and look forward to showing you how we can be a “partner at your table.” Contact us today to get started.