3 Benefits of “Made in the USA”

Valley Design Made in USA

We realize we’re not the only ones who tout supporting stateside manufacturing – and we recognize that we certainly benefit from those who choose to buy their components domestically – but we may be one of the few who believe the choice comes down to a lot more than “better quality” and more “custom” product options. With the international climate ever-changing (and not always in a positive way), we think the benefits lie more within the convenience, control, and communication stateside manufacturing allows. Hear us out on our top three benefits for having your components “Made in the USA:”


1. Supply Chain Options Within Reach
We know that many components are already manufactured stateside (otherwise we wouldn’t be in business), but we find many clients saying “I didn’t know you offered that product!” Before outsourcing your next component order, consider asking your stateside partner if the order is available within their product offerings. You may find there are a lot more products available than you think, and you’ll be able to keep more of your manufacturing conveniently closer to home.


2. Fewer Obstacles for Delivery Dates
With every pro usually being accompanied by a con (or two), the perceived cost savings on international manufacturing is usually overshadowed by the lengthy lead times and delivery issues. By keeping component orders in the U.S., you always have better control over production schedules, allowing for the ability to confirm delivery dates. In the off-chance that an order does gets delayed, it could mean a couple days domestically, rather than a few weeks overseas.


3. Relationship Business Works Better
They say communication is the key to any good relationship, and that’s one thing we feel can really help make business more efficient, more successful, and more satisfying overall. Being able to communicate with the right person for your exact need – such as Patrick and Luke for selecting product or Mona and Rachel in regards to order updates – is priceless and not as readily available overseas as it is here in America. As relationships are built over time, business transactions go more smoothly, expectations are better set, and the results include more trust, more open and honest communication, and an overall increase in cost-effectiveness that ultimately make business better for all parties involved.


Contact any of us on the Valley Team by calling 507.268.4221 to discuss the benefits and how we can be the best stateside partner at your table.